3 thoughts on “Bored Room to Boardroom

  1. Hi Lisa!
    Hope you had fun! I did the exact same thing some years ago though the topic was to plan an essay (we ended up with a detailed one on a massive piece of sugar paper). Kids also had their names displayed around the boardroom table. Biscuits and refreshmments on offer. It was amazing!
    That was the year I had chosen to go 0.5 though! I had time to craft every single lesson… It was that or quitting at the time. I have since increased my hours and haven’t done it again… It is hard to set up properly when you never teach 2 consecutive lessons in the same room as well. You make me want to do it again with my year 11s before they leave though. I’ll definitely give it a go after Easter! Thanks for reminding me! I know students really appreciated it at the time.

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